are now having a break ...

Our online store for electronic cigarettes are now taking a break. The reason for this is that we have again gotten directions from the Directorate for Health to follow the marketing ban that apply to tobacco substitutes. Electronic cigarettes are defined as "tobacco substitute" in the laws of Norway. This means that we must remove all product pictures, remove all manufacturer logos, remove all advertising texts, remove all promotional rates, as well as customize fonts to a neutral look, black on white, and use only small print and otherwise remove all of which then would be left of elements which can be interpreted as promotional.

Some of our customers have probably understood that we had a round of this earlier, from September 2013 to April 2014, we showed no images in our online store. We decided to add pictures out again in April 2014 because none of our competitors removed their photos. Now we have a new call from the health directorate, and this time with notification of fines. Because of our previous experience with removing images and offer prices, we have concluded that it is likely to be very difficult to conduct commerce under such conditions. We have therefore decided to take a break in the running of your online store, in anticipation of changes in the regulations in Norway.

Those who have opinions and views can still write to us at e-mail: We would love to hear what you think about Norwegian legislation and experiences from shopping with us. We would also encourage all those who might disagree with the Norwegian legislation to contact their representative in Parliament with their opinions and experiences.

We thank all our customers who have shopped with us so far and welcome everyone back at a later time.

Best Wishes,